Nathan Alexander | Composer

Demo Reel

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A.P.R.I.L - April’s Theme


Dir. Tiana Coles

Beautiful Day (ft. GARTH)


This one’s an oldie but uh… well… it’s an oldie where I come from.

Lure - Love Was True


Dir. Neil Stevens

Conversia - Main Theme

Twelve-Piece: Strings and Piano

Dir. Rom Lotan


35 Piece Ensemble

Short Rescore

Doctor Strange Rescore

MIDI + Live Choir

  1. VSL Woodwinds

  2. Cinematic Studio Brass

  3. Action Strikes/TrueStrike/VSL Percussion

  4. Dark Zebra/Massive

  5. VSL Dimension Strings

  6. Choir Sweetened with 8 Dio Lacrimosa

Epic Trailer: Adele - Set Fire to the Rain

MIDI + Adele A Capella Stem

  1. VSL Dimension Brass

  2. NI Damage/Hybrid Tools

  3. Massive/Serum

  4. VSL Dimension Strings

Chicago Bulletin

MIDI + 12 Piece Ensemble

  1. Broadway Gig Sax + Live Sax

  2. The Grandeur

  3. TrueStrike/VSL Percussion

  4. VSL Dimension Strings + 4 Violins and 4 Cellos

  5. Live Trumpet/Horn/Harp

Creation - Main Title Rescore


  1. VSL Winds

  2. TrueStrike

  3. The Grandeur

  4. VSL Dimension Strings

Star Wars: TFA

Death of Han Rescore


All VSL + Lacrimosa

Diverse Film and Library Work