Nathan Alexander | Composer

Hauser Prime

Hauser Prime.png

Hauser Prime a synthwave project that will accompany a cyberpunk science-fiction novel. The first album of material inspiring the book can be checked out below, or read more about it at the Hauser Prime Bandcamp.    

Adam Hauser was a gifted child. In fact, he remembers every weekend as a kid, his mother would take him to a neuro-imaging lab where he would be hooked up to machines and spend hours solving puzzles. Well... that's what he remembers. He stopped going when his mom disappeared. Every time he tries to recall exactly what was going on with those puzzles and machines just to knock some lost memory of his mother loose, he would feel this crawling buzz in the back of his head-- in that knot where the atlas meets the spine-- and he would pass out forgetting what he'd been trying to do. It was like a computer rebooting, a broken memory forcing him to move on. So, he tended not to think about it. But while Adam is investigating a story for work, he comes face to face with his... twin!? That spiny shock he feels in his neck right now might be more than a bad memory. Between the Augments and the lax cloning laws, Miami 2068 is a place where no one's identity is sacred.